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About The Club

CAC is based in Greenwich, CT and was founded in 1999 by animal lovers who realize that life's many demands often leave pet owners feeling that their dog is not receiving the daily exercise, socialization and companionship that they need.
Whether it is work, vacation or other commitments that may keep you from spending time with your canine companion, CAC is here to help. Unwanted behaviors such as chewing/destruction, urinating indoors, incessant barking and jumping are all indicators that a Canine is not receiving enough stimulation. This is most often seen in small dogs and dogs age 0 to 3 years. Aggressive actions towards other Canines and even people can be a sign that the dog's social skills are not fully developed.

Our goal is to ensure that unwanted behaviors are eliminated and avoided by introducing your Canine to a stimulating program of fun and exercise. CAC also offers basic obedience training in its structured play groups to assist in the development and socialization of your canine companion. Our signature Doggie Day Camp program is also a great way to allow dogs from "single canine" homes to return to their roots and get the "Pack Experience" which often assists in helping your dog to gain an understanding of thier place in the world.

CAC's team of professional pet care specialissts are friendly, reliable care givers whose prime focus is providing your canine companions with stimulation, exercise and TLC.

As a CAC Member, your dog will benefit from a customized program that is designed to suit his/her individual needs. CAC strives to enhance the quality of life for you and your pet through delivering safe, reliable services that provide you with peace of mind, increased flexibility and reduced stress.

Our standard programs are described in the "Our Services" section, however, we can also design a custom program for you and your best friend that is optimized for your lifestyle.

Although CAC does not discriminate against any particular breed of canine, we reserve the right to refuse services


CAC is fully bonded and insured.

"Every person who works at CAC is loving, affectionate, responsible and caring of our dogs.  They are extremely communicative about the way the day went for our dogs.  They alert us if they notice anything behaviorally or health wise about our dogs.  We have been absolutely 100% grateful and satisfied over the past two ands half years with all of their services.  Whether it is dog walking, camp sessions,  or someone staying overnight at our home, they are 100% reliable, responsible, attentive and just good people.  Our "girls" (dogs) are our babies and CAC treats them with the loving care we do.  It is awesome to not have to worry and just know all is well with CAC taking care of our girls!"

Carla M. Purchase, NY


"We have used CAC for the last 11 years and consider the staff to be part of our extended family.  They totally appreciate that our dogs are our "children" and they treat them with utmost care.  They have always been reliable in coming to give my doggies outdoor breaks and when the dogs go to "camp" they come home completely spent in energy so I know they got the most out of it.  CAC has also been very responsive and do their best to accommodate us whenever we've needed a change/last minute help.  They also truly know the dogs -  the caregivers have always alerted us to changes in health and behavior and I've also consulted with them for advice on how to handle a few things and they have provided great feedback from their own experience dealing with canines"

Jeanine L. Weston, CT

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