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Dog Walking, Doggie Day Camp & Pet Sitting

Official Members of the Canine Athletic Club are those who keep a weekly fitness schedule with the Club.   Members are picked up at their homes and chauffeured to the park, to our Camp locations for outdoor play with other CAC Members, or walked in their neighborhood and returned home at the end of their session. Walk sessions and Pet Sitting services are available 365 days per year. Holiday surcharges do apply for all services on major holidays. Doggie Day Camp runs Monday through Friday excluding major holidays. Unlike many Doggie Daycare facilities - our programs are held completely outdoors in the fresh air in secure, fenced in yards.

Indoor areas are available for the Campers to get in out of the weather as needed. Camp will not be in session during severe weather for the safety of our Campers and Team.


Each of our Membership plans are available in Monthly Memberships or Session Packs in denominations of ten or fifteen Sessions. Annual Memberships and Multiple Pet Memberships are available at discounted rates. Volume Discounts are also available. CAC will gladly structure the right Membership plan for your needs and budget.

Doggie Day Camp
Doggie Day Camp
Exercise and Socialization Program


CAC pioneered the Doggie Day Camp program back in 1999 to create a group play and socialiazation option for our Members when such a service was yet unavailable. CAC follows a strict screening process for admittance into our signature Doggie Day Camp program.  Overly aggressive or fearful dogs will not be allowed to join, however, solo exercise sessions are always available.  Social Members are invited to join the daily outdoor play groups where the Members are able to interact, play and learn from each other. We find that this is extremely helpful for our younger Members who have not totally figured out what it is to be canine yet; and for Members who come from single canine environments. Help your dog return to his roots by getting the "Pack Experience" offered by our Doggie Day Camp program.  Our social programs are especially effective with puppies and young, active canines both from an exercise and socialization perspective. 


Obedience training is integral to our programs, but if you require classroom obedience training or personal training sessions, we urge you to contact dog trainer and behavior specialist, Sarah Hodgson at 914-241-1111 or

Qualified Members are invited to spend the day with the Club.  These socialization and exercise sessions provide your canine with hours of  play and adventure with the CAC Team and other CAC Members.   CAC promotes structured exercise and socialization in a natural, fun manner and its a great treat for your best friend. We recommend socializing your canine as early as possible.  Doggie Day Camp is an effective way to introduce your canine to other dogs in a controlled, fenced-in, supervised environment. 

We are now accepting new, qualified Doggie Day Camp Members.  Members must meet specific admission criteria for Camp which include:


  • Well socialized canines and puppies only

  • Current on all vaccinations

  • Neutered or spayed if older than 8 months

  • Valid dog license and health certificate on file

  • Non-aggressive temperment

  • Free of contagious conditions

  • Appropriate physical condition for intense play



Doggie Day Camp for one dog $50

Each additional dog $35


Please contact us to find out more!




Dog Walking Services

CAC is very fortunate to have a stellar team of the most dedicated, competent, and reliable animal lovers and career pet care professionals in the area. Each member of the team has a background in professional pet care and has been fully vetted. 


CAC's team works together to ensure that all of our Members' needs are met and expectations are exceeded. At some point during your Membership, you and your pets will likely meet each member of the team.   


Each CAC Member is assigned a Primary Pet Care Specialist, however, we ensure that the team is cross trained on the needs of the Members to be able to back each other up in emergency situations and whenever assistance is needed.


Our Walk Sessions are done on a solo basis for you canines only, and we also offer social walks with other CAC Members as well. Social walks are coordinated with your Primary Pet Care Specialist.


Most midday walks occur between 11am and 2pm, however we will customize a program for your canine companions!

Muliple daily walks are also available!


You can count on CAC to be there for those last minute needs that arise. Walks in the morning, dinnertime, evenings and weekends are available and we always do our very best to accommodate our Members in a pinch.



"Walk Session" $25 per session ($5 per addional dog)
20-30 minute walk or play session

"Club Session" $35 per day ($5 per additional dog)
One hour of solo outdoor fun, or playdates with other CAC Members



Dog Walking

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!

Pet Sitting

CAC will visit your home each day to provide TLC and exercise for your canine companion in your absence. CAC will follow your prescribed feeding regimen as well as administer any medications that are required. Cats and most other pets are welcome in our In Home Pet Care program. We find that this "stay at home" approach creates a much less stressful environment for your canine companion. They remain at home, where they are most comfortable, and generally there is less disruption to thier daily routine and ultimately, less stress and anxiety.   Social canines may join the Club Sessions or Doggie Day Camp program as a treat during in-home services! CAC makes every effort to ensure your home appears to be lived-in by taking in the mail, adjusting the lights, watering plants and cleaning up after your pets.


Sleepover Service: CAC also offers a sleepover option for in-home pet care.  A member of our dedicated and professional staff will sleep at your home while you travel.  This is the most favorable situation for many dog owners, as it most resembles your dog's regular daily schedule.  We recommend this option for puppies under 4 months old and elderly canines.


CAC is happy to administer prescribed medication and most treatments at no additional charge.  Sub cutaneous injections such as Insulin can also be administered for a fee of $5.  All Members requiring special or post-surgical care should contact CAC to discuss details. CAC insists that any developing condition be examined by a vet and proper treatment prescribed prior to starting pet sitting services.

Conditions which develop during our care will be addressed by contacting your vet whenever possible, or the closest Animal Hospital or emergency care facility.  CAC will make every effort to contact you or your designated proxy to discuss a course of action, however, we will make educated decisions on your behalf regarding the care of your pet if we are unable to reach you or your designated proxy.  Our first priority is always the health and safety of the pets in our care.



Per Visit Rate  $25

Typically four visits daily at Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Bedtime however we will structure a program to meet your specific needs


Sleepover Service - Starting at $75 per day


Holiday Rate - Starting at $85 per day


Please contact us to discuss your needs and receive a quote


While CAC offers the convenient In-Home pet sitting services, we are not a boarding facility as yet, although we hope to offer this service VERY SOON, please contact Kristin for more information.




Pet Sitting

CAC Accepts MasterCard and Visa

as well as checks payable to CAC

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